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TDS Rate

ITD has setup new system called TRACES (TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System) for TDS return process. The interface enables all stakeholders associated with TDS administration, viewing of challan status, downloading of NSDL Conso File, Justification Report and Form 16 / 16A as well as viewing of annual tax credit statements (Form 26AS).

SaralTDS is now integrated with TRACES Deductor login, making it much easier for users to manage the TRACES Account. Users can put request for NSDL Conso file, Bulk Form16/16A files, Justification Report and even verify the challan status and Deductee TDS Credit Status within few clicks. To get introduced with latest features please update your SaralTDS now.

Click here to download the TRACES PDF Generation Utility to convert Form16/16A data downloaded from TRACES.

TDS Software

Saral TDS - eTDS & TCS Software | Version 16.01(Details)

SaralTDS - eTDS Software is a simple solution for the convertion of TDS/TCS data to the format specified by NSDL for Quarterly statements or Annual returns. TDS software not only generates the file for TDS/TCS returns, also assists you in generation of Paper TDS returns and TDS certificates. The Built-In FVU validates your data to be perfect for filing. That means no more messages "Errors Found During Validation".
Saral TDS is the complete TDS management software. With domain experts working on the software over several years has made Relyon possible to bring a complete solution in pace with the constantly changing requirements in Law. This has made Saral TDS to keep the expectations of users fulfilled.
So, we say, Thousands of Satisfied customers cannot be wrong...
"First software in India to provide TDS correction statement (since 2005)"
"Industry best Correction Statement preparation for TDS"
"First & Only software to verify the TDS challan - CIN and Amount"
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Version 8 Appreciation by Income Tax Department

Directorate of Income Tax mentioned its appreciation on Thursday [01/05/2008] to Relyon for its services and contribuition to the eFiling program of I-T Department. Relyon Thanks all its customers and Associates for making it possible.

Relyon also presents its Thanks to Mr. Harish Kumar, Director of Income Tax (Systems) - III, New Delhi and it is Relyon's pleasure to keep the hands joined with I-T department for all the Technological endeavours of DIT.

ePayment of TDS Calculate the TDS Rates

When a bill is received from the party, it should undergo the statutory obligation of TDS. With different criteria judging the right TDS rate, it is not a simple job to ascertain the right RATE of TDS with surcharge and Cess.

With deriving an Industry best standard in ascertaining TDS rate, Relyon now presents a FREE to USE utility which ascertains the rate of TDS in the right order.

Saral TDS | Editions

TDS : Institutional Version
SaralTDS Institutional Edition:
No Limits!! For Corporates/Companies in India, Saral TDS Institutional ensures perfect Tax Computation for Employees [Form 24Q] and respective dedution of TDS. And note that, all these are automatic.
The vast features of this version also covers a range of MIS reports for maintenance of TDS registers, paper forms, etc. All these comes in Addition to the usual features of TDS returns, TDS Certificates and Industry Standard Excel Import/Export Facility
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