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Avail Digital Signatures - Eligibility?


One of the common question being asked by the Deductors about Digital Signatures is that, What is the eligibility criteria to avail Digital Signatures, mainly Class 2 or Class 3.

As digital Signature is a mode to sign the documents electronically, anybody who intends to use the facility can avail the Digital Signatures. Classes of Digital Signatures in India are basically divided into four basic classes, namely 0, 1, 2 and 3 [as per Controller of Certifying Authorities]. Further Certifying authorities, for their internal reference, can further divide these classes. This may also lead to varied Class names from one Certifying Authority to Another.

Coming to the point, Class 0 signatures are used for Testing/Demo purposes and Class 1 signatures are used for identification of username/email ID [stating that, a particular username/email ID belongs to a particular person]. However, these 2 signatures are not allowed to sign any Statutory / Business Documents.

Class 2 and Class 3 signatures are allowed to sign Statutory, as well as Business Documents, wherein:

  1. Class 2 signatures are issued to the Individuals for either Personal [A] or Business Purposes [B].
  2. Class 3 signatures are issued to the Businesses on either Individual [A] or Organization Level [B].

Note that, to avail Class 3 signatures, applicant should appear infront of Certifying Authority [or a authorised person by Certifying Authority] and submit the documents. But Class 2 signatures can be availed from Dealers / Resellers of Certifying Authority, by submitting the documents.

For availing Class 2 or Class 3 signatures, applicant should submit the necessary documents for Identity Proof, Address Proof, Photograph, etc or any other sought by the Certifying authority. With these, any intended applicant can apply for Digital Signatures to Certifying Authority (CA) [or a Registration Authority (RA) appointed by CA or any Dealers under CAs / RAs] and avail Class 2 or Class 3 Digital Signatures.


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