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Saral Sign | Version 1.02

Relyon has released Version 1.02 of Saral TDS on 05th March 2009. The detailed list of release notes are available below.

Release Notes of Version 1.02 | Saral Sign:

  1. Password Protection
    1. Now user can apply password to the files, generated with digital signatures.
    2. 2 passwords can be applied, if enabled in Menu -> Options.
    3. User password, required to Open the document.
      1. This can be applied depending on the name, PAN and date of birth of the employees.
      2. If the details are not available from Saral TDS/Saral PayPack, it will be assumed as BLANK.
      3. Date of Birth field is not available in Saral TDS professional Edition, which will be treated as BLANK. PAN numbers mentioned as Not Available, Applied and invalid will also be treated as Blank.
      4. User can select combinations out of these 3 fields to apply the password to open document. Eg:  “First 4 characters of Name + Last 4 digits of date of Birth”.
      5. The text in lower case will be forced to upper case while applying passwords. So password will contain only uppercase letters and digits.
    4. Owner password, required to protect the document.
      1. This can be applied to protect the document against editing, copying and printing.
      2. Disabling EDIT option is intended to avoid the editing of document using advanced PDF editing softwares.
      3. By default, software itself will apply a secure password to protect the document. User can also manually provide the owner password.
      4. Owner password will be same for all the output documents. This is intended to not be issued to the document receiver.
      5. It is not recommended to generate the TDS certificates / documents without protection [owner password].
    5. Default Settings: A default document generated with Saral Sign 1.02:
      1. Will not be having a password to open the document.
      2. Will be applied with a automated secure password to protect the document.
      3. Will be disabled for EDITING, disabled for COPYING the contents.
      4. Will be enabled for PRINTING
  2. Demonstration Signature file
    1. A PFX file has been placed in the application path for the purpose of demonstration.
    2. If this file is selected, then the password field will be automatically filled.
    3. This is intended for demonstration / evaluation of the software, before purchase.
  3. Total File statistics
    1. Total number of PDF files gets listed in the Files Listing screen. It also shows the total number of files not having email ID.
  4. Cancel Button
    1. The cancel button in the last screen has been changed to CLOSE for easy understanding.
    2. When user clicks on Cancel / Close, an alert will appear to make sure of exit. This has been done avoiding the close of application by mistake.
  5.  Empty Destination Folder before generation
    1. This option [Check box] is provided in the last screen, so that the generated folder contains only the latest files generated, that helps in locating the file.
    2. The deleted (old) files will be moved to a separate folder in the application path, as a backup. This is intended to avoid losing filed unintentionally.
    3. This option will be disabled by default.
  6. Output file(s)
    1. On generation of digitally signed documents, earlier the file / folder was opening directly. Now, this has been replaced with Open File / Open Containing Folder option. This is intended to avoid unintentional opening of file/folder.
    2. On generation of files, a option will appear in the bottom of the screen as OPEN FILE, in case only one file is generated and OPEN CONTAINING FOLDER incase more than one file is generated. On clicking of the option the generated document(s) can be opened.
  7. Email sent statistics
    1. After completion of emails sending a statistics of email sent/failed is shown.
  8. Signature Date
    1. A new field “Sign Date” has been provided where user can edit the date of signing.
      1. Providing a future date may show an error in signature area of PDF document/validation.
    2. This field will, by default containing current date. User can change in case, it is needed.
  9. Independent Application
    1. Saral Sign can be used as Independent product to sign / bulk-sign any document(s).
    2. It supports variety of file formats as Input [Eg: Excel, Word, PDF, etc] and generates signed version of the same in PDF format.
    3. An additional menu item, “Control Log” will appear to maintain the control numbers of files generated.
    4. User can open it from application path [eSign.exe].
    5. User can also create a shortcut of this at desktop for repeated usage. It has been avoided to automatically create a shortcut, to ease Saral TDS and Saral PayPack users (as it opens directly from those products).

Details of Version 1.01 is available here>>

Copyright: Relyon Softech Ltd
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