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According to recent survey made, Saral TDS rates to be number one “TDS management software” in the country. The survey, conducted by an internal committee, includes consideration of about 40 TDS software, listed in NSDL software providers list.

During the process, about 8 softwares, out of 40 were considered to be major solution providers in different parts of the country. These softwares were compared with multiple criteria, including, general features, unique features, support, training, accessibility/network, company, knowledge base, recognitions, etc. This report does not contain any comparison with "Return Preparation Utility" provided by NSDL.

A detailed report on the same is available below:

General Features: Saral TDS was compared with about 25 general features, which are frequently used by its users. These features makes it to be rated top among others, and further makes it a "TDS Management Software". Other softwares are likely concentrated on particular feature, like return generation / certificate preparation / etc.

Unique Features: Saral TDS stands unique among other softwares, considered for comparison. Below are some of the features, not available in any other software:

  1. Auto "Challan Information File" download for FVU 2.128.
  2. JAVA independent File validation utility.
  3. One-Click verification of Challan (CIN and Amount).
  4. One-Click list of all challans paid for a particular TAN.
  5. Checking the PAN of Employee/Deductee.

Customer Support: Saral TDS stands with other major softwares, when it comes to support. State of Art, multi level support, makes it easier for customers to drop in the query and get instant solution. Relyon support department uses multiple media to ensure early and complete solution to the customer, through Email, Telephone, Remote System Access and Onsite visits. Its unique, "Customer Login Area" makes the users to keep connected with Relyon for all "After-Sales" activity.

Training: Saral TDS is well recognized in the industry for its associated TDS trainings. The trainings organized by Relyon at different parts of the country covers topics like, General TDS concept, Software usage, Correction statements, etc. Relyon is one of the company to initialize TDS training sessions in the country through independent channel. This also made some of the other TDS software providers to begin such activity. Relyon also holds a record of organizing trainings in more than 48 cities in the country, which is highest among other providers (excluding NSDL).

Accessibility/network: Saral TDS comes with a wide spread network across India. The customer support telephone lines are "Locally" accessible from any part of the country. The sales channel of Relyon ensures the early reach to any part of the country, through its Offices located at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Jaipur. Other than this, Relyon holds its authorised channel partner network in more than 112 cities in India, to serve the users. This makes the Accessibility / Network of Saral TDS, best among other TDS software providers.

Company: Saral TDS is developed by "Relyon Softech Ltd", a company known to be India's strongest Taxation Software provider. The company, having a history of more than 9 years comes with solutions for domains like, Payroll, Accounting and Taxation too. The Payroll software by Relyon rates to be the fastest selling Payroll software in India. Company backs the TDS software by frequent improvisation of the product, through customer feedback. Company also provides web-based / customized TDS solutions for several nationalized banks in the country, including Indian bank, State Bank of India*, Karnataka bank, Dena Bank, etc. Further, the company has the employee strength of more than 200 (as of Nov 2009), which is best among other software providers. Relyon Softech Ltd, stands to be the powerful and biggest solution provider among the considered software providers.

Knowledge base / Information: Saral TDS is backed with a wide committee of Knowledge base. The experts behind the product are with experience more than 18 Years. The Knowledge base also includes people from technical background to understand the business process of e-Returns and make it the best fit to user. Relyon Support Department, not only support on Saral TDS, but also on the TDS related subject, and case to case escalations are taken to NSDL / DIT concerns. The extensive knowledge is regularly shared among the user base, from "Relyon Training Division".

Recognitions: Relyon has been recognized by "Directorate of Income Tax" for its support in electronic filing of Tax returns. This makes Relyon the only company, to receive an appreciation letter from the Directorate towards return filing activity.

"This report is based on multi layer analysis among different softwares, along with consideration of information in their respective websites, brochures and other literatures (as on Nov 2009). It further includes the voluntary feedback of users, who had used / using other softwares for TDS purposes. Relyon acknowledges, the company / product names, if any, mentioned in above report. Intended person/organization can download the evaluation copy of Saral TDS and check for the features / other information mentioned. The base version for this report is Saral TDS version 9.55."

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