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Saral TDS 10.04 | Process Quarter 1 TDS statements

Date: July 09, 2010

Relyon has released version 10.04 of Saral TDS on July 8, 2010. And request all customers to upgrade to this, in order to process 1st Quarter TDS statements.

Also requests to have a check on latest changes, before proceeding with the statements.

Changes in data entry:

  1. First Quarter e-Return has been enabled with necessary updates. Please file your TDS statements before July 15, 2010 (due date).
  2. Data entry for Quarter 2 is enabled.
  3. In deduction details entry, Remarks for deductions updated with 2 more flags, “Transporter with Valid PAN (0%)” and “PAN Not available (20%)”. Please ensure that, you have proper selection for respective deductions. This will be needed in forthcoming new return structure (expected).
  4. In deductor master, Entry has been given for Commissioner of Income Tax (TDS). A button below “TDS circle” will open a screen to enter CIT (TDS) details. You can also pick it “From List”, where software will automatically get it, based on your TAN. CIT (TDS) details are necessary in new Form 16/16A.

Other updates:

  1. Form 16A and Form 27D updated with new formats. Note that, this has to be issued quarterly, within 15 days for due date of filing TDS statements.
  2. “PAN request” SMS feature has been newly added. Now users can also send SMS to deductees on PAN, either requesting it, or to confirm the PAN what is with them.
  3.  “PAN Request” feature reorganized. User can now easily access it from even Employee/Deductee Master. The interface will give filtering provisions, along with option to either send by “Letter” / “SMS” / “Email”.

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