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SMS services in Saral TDS

Date: July 01, 2010

Relyon has introduced SMS facility in Saral TDS, since version 10.03 (released June 2010). After having successful run these many days, it has been proven that the SMS system is performing better than expectation. We are thankful to hundreds of customers who explored by themselves and used this service.

Need for SMS notifications:
As the system is proven, we are now open to take all our customers registered for SMS service. In the amended system of TDS, it becomes more important to keep Assessee updated on TDS remittances and Certificate dispatches. Also, PAN requisition from deductee is a crucial task and need to be cost effective. Keeping this in mind, Saral TDS addresses the crucial task by simple sending of SMS notifications for these purposes.

TDS remittance notification:
Currently user can send SMS for TDS remittances made along with CIN information to the deductee. Our engineers are in job of building the same for PAN requisitions and TDS certificate issuing notifications.

How to get SMS account:
The customers of Saral TDS using version 10.03 or above can easily use the SMS services. To get an SMS account,

  1. Login to “Customer Login Area” at (Refer the customer ID above)
  2. Account Activation: In the left hand side, click on “SMS Account”. If you are not having any existing SMS account, it will ask a screen for account creation. Enter the details and create account. You will receive an activation email. (Retain this email for future reference)
  3. Buy SMS: Click on Buy SMS link appearing over there to purchase SMS credits. We prefer you to pay online and complete the instant transaction. This is a 24 X 7 service. [Alternatively, you can also deposit amount at our prescribed bank account and intimate us the details. In such case, it will take about 2-3 working days.] You will be receiving an online invoice (PDF) after completion of transaction, along with receipt.
  4. Delivery Reports: Once you send SMS from Saral TDS, you can track its delivery report in this section. You are required to re-authenticate your SMS password to view delivery reports. This is to protect the confidentiality of SMS data.

How to use SMSes:
On completing the above activation process, you will be receiving your SMS username and password. Enter these credentials in Saral TDS -> Masters -> SMS Settings.

  1. You can also check your balance SMSes and SMS sent history.
  2. Once you have configured the username and password in Saral TDS, you can go to Challan Details screen, select a Challan and click on “Send SMS” to preview an SMS.
  3. Select the required deductees to whom the SMS has to be sent. Click on Send SMS to send the messages. [It requires internet connection to Send SMS]


  1. Free Activation: Currently, the charges are only on the quantity of SMS you buy. An activation charge for SMS account is FREE as an introductory period. In future, additional Activation charges may be applicable.
  2. Disabling inactive accounts: The customers, who have activated their account and do not purchase any SMS for initial 10 days, the account will be disabled automatically by the system. This process is needed to keep the SMS carrier load free enough for active users.

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