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Saral TDS | Version 10.04

Relyon has released Version 10.04 of Saral TDS on 08th July 2010. The detailed list of release notes are available below.

Release Notes of Version 10.04 | Saral TDS:

New Feature:

  • New formats of Form 16A and Form 27D included. Available in Quick, Excel, PDF and Digitally Signed formats.
  • CIT(TDS) address list provided. List populated on user intervention based on the TAN provided. Open Deductor Master. Click TDS Circle ‐> From List to get the required address. Note: CIT(TDS) address is mandatory in Form 16A/27D report from FY 2010-11.


  • Data processing up to Quarter 2 enabled for FY 2010‐11.
  • EReturn for Quarter 1 enabled for FY 2010-11
  • PAN Request button placed in Employee and Deductee Master screens for easy access to PAN request feature
  • PAN Request feature enhanced with SMS option apart from Letter and eMail options already available. Use “Send SMS” to instant messages to employees/deductees not having given PAN.
    Note: Kindly create customer account and buy SMS credits from
  • In Deduction Entry; Caption of “Non-Deduction Reason” changed to “Remarks for Deduction”.
  • In Deduction Entry; Caption of “Remarks” changed to “Narration” with a note.
  • In Deduction Entry - > Remarks for Deduction; included two more items “PAN Not Available (20%)” and “Transporter with Valid PAN (0%)” for user to select
  • Transporter condition extended to 31st March 2010 in Form 26 deduction detail entry.

Bug Fixes:

  1. All the bugs reported by customers / identified by our internal team have been fixed, with respect to Version 10.03.

Details of Version 10.03 is available here>>

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