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Saral TDS | Version 10.10

Relyon has released Version 10.10 of Saral TDS on 24th December 2010. The detailed list of release notes are available below.

Release Notes of Version 10.10 | Saral TDS:


  • Quarter 3 eReturn and Correction Return access enabled.
  • Quarter 4 data processing enabled
  • General Settings removed Nearest Rupee rounding. If set earlier, changed to None. Rounding off options Higher Rate and None available now.
  • Deductee Master entry provided with additional validation to check Deductee Code specified based on PAN.
  • Deduction Details when saving will verify for specified rate in applicable rates for selected section. Verification done when Deduction Remarks is not selected.
  • Deduction Details tooltip provided for Book Entry flag indicating to be set in case of Provisional/Credit Payments.
  • Challan Data saving now prompted with information indicating duplicate CIN information.
  • Challan Deduction link enhanced with column sorting options in grid display. Improved data loading speed.
  • TDS Certificate numbering has additional filters to filter by Employee/Deductee ID in Advanced Filter
  • eReturn PAN percentage check and display updated to reflect required number of deduction records with Valid PAN
  • eReturn processing of data preparation and text file writing improved to work faster.
  • Correction Utility enhanced with stricter checks for data when Consolidated Statement (.TDS) file is provided.
  • TDS File can now be used from the first correction process.
  • Corporate/Institutional; New Form 16 number and report generation screen accessible via Tax Computation -> Forms button. Form 16AA report generation accessible via Form 24 -> Reports -> Form 16AA/Form 12BA.

Details of Version 10.09 is available here>>

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