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Saral TDS | Version 16.01

In this new release you will be able to,

New FVU Changes v5.0 [From FY 2010-11] and v2.146 [Till FY 2009-10] – effective from April 13, 2016:

  • Remark for lower deduction „B‟ i.e. ‘NO DEDUCTION U/S 197A ‘is applicable for section 192A for Form 26Q.
  • In Deductor Master, Only blank values or only special characters or only dots, spaces etc. (i.e. `~!@#$%^&*( )_+,./?;:‟”[{]}\|) will not be allowed under below fields :

    Deductor Details Responsible Person Details
    Name Name
    Branch/Division Designation
    Flat/Door/Block No. Flat/Door/Block No.
    Name of Building Name of Building
    Street/Road Name Street/Road Name
    Area Area
    City City
  • Incorporation of TAN and Name of Deductor in the Challan Status Inquiry (i.e. .CSI) file and verify the same while eReturn.
  • In eReturn, Check List added for TAN and Name of Deductor with the following Conditions:
    • TAN: TAN of the deductor as per CSI file must match TAN of the deductor. eReturn is not recommended.
    • Name of Deductor: If TAN Name (Name of deductor) as per CSI file does not match with the name of deductor but eReturn can be done.In view of FVU for such case, it will generate a warning file regarding mismatch. “Name of deductor in the statement should exactly match the Name of deductor as per TAN Master Database of ITD.”
  • State name changed from “ORISSA" to "ODISHA”.
  • New Section code 194IA (i.e. Payment on transfer of certain immovable property other than agricultural land) has been added under Form 26Q. Applicable only for regular and correction statements (C3) pertaining to FY 2013-14 onwards.

IBudget Changes for Financial year 2016-17

  • Under Chapter VIA details,
    • Limit for section 80EE is Rs. 50,000 for FY 2016-17.
    • Limit for section 80GG is Rs. 60,000 yearly for FY 2016-17.
  • In Salary Details,
    • Limit for Credit U/S 87A has been increase from 2000 to 5000 for FY 2016-17.
    • Surcharge rate has been increase to 15% for FY 2016-17.

Earlier version 16.00

  • New file creation for Financial Year 2016-17 has enabled.
    • Data entry and Excel import allowed up to FY 2016-17 Quarter-1.
    • As of now e-Return is blocked for FY 2016-17 Quarter-1 and onwards. Same will be enabled after release of respective FVU.

Earlier version 15.08
New FVU Changes v4.9 [From FY 2010-11] and v2.145 [Till FY 2009-10] – effective from December 19, 2015

  • In Correction :
    • Addition of challan option (C9 correction) has been made available for Central (Deductor category „A‟) and State Government (Deductor category „S‟), applicable only for statements pertaining up to FY 2012-13.
  • Remark „NO DEDUCTION U/S 197A‟ is made applicable for Section code 194DA for Form 26Q, FY 2015-16, Q3 onwards.
  • Unique Identification Number is applicable for remark „NO DEDUCTION U/S 197A‟ for Form 26Q from FY 2015-16, Q3 onwards. This is OPTIONAL.
  • If UIN is provided then it should be in specified format as below :
  • 10 digit alpha numeric value where in first digit should be either „G‟ (in case of 15G) or „H‟ (in case of 15H) followed by 9 digit numeric value (For example, “G000000001” or “H000000001”).

Feature enhancements:

  • '15G/15H UIN Report' included under MIS Reports for Form 26Q.
  • In DQR, under short deduction worksheet „u/s 197 cert. Number or 15G/15H UIN‟ is added. Under Summarized details worksheet new information type added for validation of „u/s 197 cert. Number or 15G/15H UIN‟.
  • In Summary Menu, New option „Pre-Filled Form‟ given for 15G/15H Forms.
  • Web Update Utility has been enhanced, alternate route has been provided for downloading the updates if default fails. This will be visible in the next service pack / hot fix when released.

Earlier version 15.07
Feature enhancements:

  • With data being of prime importance when filing eReturn, Saral TDS will now check for suitability of the data when making eReturn. An option ‟Check Data Quality before Regular eReturn‟ is made available in „Advanced Settings‟. It will be enabled by default in this version.
  • When going for eReturn, a brief on the data quality will be shown with indication of Data ready for eReturn OR Data not ready for eReturn If Data not ready for eReturn is suggested, Saral TDS will take you to Data Quality Report which will enable you to take suitable action.
  • It is highly recommended to improve data quality thereby avoiding Default Notices.
  • In Summary, Option Pre-Filled Form added. You can now generate Form 15G and Form 15H with name and contact details of respective deductees.
  • In Challan Screen, BIN verification option from NSDL has been enabled.
  • Default Summary information will now further allow you to view the Default Summary as shown in TRACES by clicking the three-dot button against respective Form and Quarter.
  • TRACES utilities relating to Form 16/16A, Form 27D and TBR are now available via Downloads. Check under Download menu to download the required utilities.

Earlier version 15.06

  • In Deductor Master, screen has been redesigned by bringing TAN details on top followed by "Auto Loading" of address details based on TAN Verification.
  • In Challan Details, For Saving Challans now Section can be blank from Financial Year 2013-14 onwards.
  • In TRACES,
    • Register option has been given for New TAN Registration, it will be enable only if Username and Password will not present.
    • Now Selection of „Request For’ will be blank by default.
  • In DQR,
    • In Late Payment sheet, 2 new Column added for Interest on Late Payment Paid and Balance.
    • In Challan Details sheet, new Column added for Available Amount.
    • Default Data will be shown in Bold and Red in color.
  • In Display Link Challans,
    • For Unlinked Option, Row will be highlighted with color indicating unlinked record.
    • Report has been given option to export in excel.
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