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Saral TDS | Version 8.01

Relyon has released Version 8.01 of Saral TDS on 10th September 2008. The detailed list of release notes are available below.

Release Notes of Version 8.01 | Saral TDS:

  1. Auto populating ITNS 281 Challan ePayment website with Deductor Information provided.  Option available in Tools Menu and in Challan Entry screen.
  2. Excel Import feature for Correction Statement for Deduction entries of UPDATE, PAN UPDATE and ADD records.
  3. Backup / Restore feature for files created for filing, reports, etc.,  (will be available for option settings Create e-Return in Separate Folder and Manage files based on TAN and Financial Year setting only)
  4. In trial version the following features will not be available
    1. Data Directory (under File Menu)
    2. Backup and Restore features
    3. eReturn (Regular and Correction) generation
  5. New web page highlighting the passed Union Budget changes for Individuals
  6. Display of Employee/Deductee PAN in Deduction Details, Challan Deduction Link and Unlinked deductions screens.
  7. Book Entry indicator in Deduction Details (Entry Screen, Import and Export)
  8. Product Upgrade Hyperlink changed.
  9. Sort options provided in TDS/TCS number generation screen.
  10. Representation of Challan payment as ePayment for Cash option.  Now the option will be shown as Cash / ePayment.
  11. In MIS Reports,
    1. eCertificate is now represented as TDS/TCS Extract for ITR.
    2. Three new reports provided,
      1. ePayment Extract
        1. Challanwise: Displays the challan details entered grouped on section
        2. Deductionwise: Displays the unpaid deductions, summarized by section and split into Companies and Non-Companies
      2. TDS Register – Show All: Displays the tabular format of TDS / TCS certificates generated having certificate number.
  12. In Taxable Perquisites, one more parameter to capture the Furniture Rental value has been provided.  The entire amount entered is considered for Perquisite value of Furniture.
  13. Addition of Title in Employee master (Professional) and Deductee Master.  This will be shown in Form 16, 16A and 27D.
  14. In Option Setting, when Enable Reference, is checked, another option Show In Report, provided to display the reference number in reports.
  15. Certificate number provided for Form 16 and 12BA.
  16. Rate of tax for Short Term Capital Gain applicable at 15% as per the union budget. [Applicable for Corporate/Institutional Versions Only]
  17. In Statement of Total Income, Rent Paid detail is shown along with HRA Exemption. [Applicable for Corporate/Institutional Versions Only]
  18. Bug fixes as reported for v8.00

Details of Version 8.00 is available here>>

Copyright: Relyon Softech Ltd
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