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Saral TDS | Version 9.53

Relyon has released Version 9.53 of Saral TDS on 26th September 2009. The detailed list of release notes are available below.

Release Notes of Version 9.53 | Saral TDS:

1. General Changes:
Software Background Image

Saral TDS background has been updated with Support Phone number and Email ID. It has been positioned just below the menu, so that user will always have a look on this, while navigating to any part. This will ensure that if the user is having any issues, he will have right contact point.

Software background has been now made compatible for wide screen monitors, so that no grey patch will be visible in larger resolutions.

Quarter 3 enabled:
As there are no clues of Form 17/24C/UTN related implementations, data entry has been enabled for Quarter 3. This remains unchanged with earlier entry screens. This effects, Deduction Entries, Challan Entries, e-Return and respective correction screens.

Transporter option provided
As per the new Provision, “Any payment made to a transport contractor, where he has provided a valid PAN, Such payment is exempted from TDS”. But, such exempted TDS transactions ahs to be reported to ITD in a new form to be prescribed, by March 2010.

In Saral TDS, to track such transaction, a provision has been provided in deductee master to identify whether the deductee is a Transport operator.

Keep History of Regular e-Return Files
It was really difficult to locate an eReturn generated earlier. Now, Saral TDS 9.53 stores every return generated with a unique timestamp. This means, user can anytime in future refer to earlier returns prepared. These advantages in case of correction return, to properly use FVU of regular return.

Correction Statement
In correction statement,
  1. An option has been provided to have “COMPACT” and “FULL” view of data.
  2. Additionally, the correction utility has now been upgraded to handle more than 30000 records.
  3. A Provision has been made to take back-up of the data file before “Updating” Correction Data from correction screen.
  4. Employer Contribution in Form 24Q: Earlier software was not allowing changing this, once the correction is made. Now it has been made open to update this field even after correction.

Marking TDS certificates given
In TDS certificate screen, there is a provision of selecting and tracking the “certificate given”. But the gird is not certificate-wise row listing. It is listed deduction wise. In case a certificate containing about 10 records is given, user should manually select all 10 rows.

Now, it has been made automatic, where if user selects one deduction record, all rows with similar certificate numbering will get checked as “Certificate Given”.

Report on TDS certificates given/issued
In MIS Reports -> TDS register, existing report format (selected with “Show All”) has been updated with 2 extra columns to display the certificate given status and given date. This will help to track the certificates issued and yet to be issued.

2. New File Validation Utility 2.128
New FVU 2.128 has been implemented. This FVU is in effect from 01st of October and any return filed after that date should be using this FVU.


  1. New FVU 2.128 has to be used for all Regular returns filing ON or AFTER 01/10/2009.
  2. Old FVU 2.126 has to be used for correction returns on “regular returns filed before 01/10/2009”
  3. New FVU 2.128 has to be used for correction returns on “regular returns filed on or after 01/10/2009”

Generation of returns with FVU
Saral TDS has been incorporated with following logic for FVU file preparation:

  1. For all the regular returns getting prepared with 9.53, it will be generated through new FVU.
  2. While generation of Correction return, FVU will identify the File structure of regular return selected (submitted file)
    1. If it is with old structure, correction will be prepared with old structure and will be validated through Old FVU.
    2. If it is in new structure, correction will happen with new structure and New FVU.

Changes in New FVU

New FVU comes with the below changes:
  1. Name of software, through which the return has been prepared, is included in the Returns. This is just for the reference and further statistics by department.
  2. Deductor category Information” is now captured in detail. It comes with a list of Status and in case of government, sub selections are needed to be made.
  3. Challan Information File” comparison has been provided. This is just at the FVU level and nothing to do with data entry level.
    1. Procedure:
      1. As per NSDL, User has to download the OLTAS Challan details through an encoded file at “ -> Challan Status Query -> TAN Based View”.
      2. Then it has to be selected in FVU, while validation of Return.
      3. If the “Challan amount, date, serial no and BSR code” of all Challan in TDS return doesn’t match with OLTAS file, then a warning file will be created.
    2. This is OPTIONAL and user can validate by leaving Challan file path Blank.
    3. This is made in an intension to avoid correction statements arising through improper mentioning for Challan information.

Saral TDS: Changes in regard to FVU
Saral TDS has been taken with most care to ease the change. Point wise it is as under:

  1. Name of the software: In our case “Saral TDSProfessional; v9.53; Relyon Softech Ltd” is sent in the FVU.
  2. Deductor screen has been modified to add more fields regarding Deductor Category. After updating to new version, user has to once select and save the Deductor category.
  3. Challan Information File Path has been provided for selection in e-Return screen.
    1. Procedure:
      1. If user has downloaded the Challan information file manually, then he can select the file by browsing such file.
      2. Unique Feature”: If internet is connected in the system, clicking the “Download” button next to text file path will automatically download the file and save it in application path and fill in the Challan file path
      3. While going to Fill FVU, it will automatically fill in the path selected in e-Return screen.
    2. The Challan File Path can also be left blank or “Cleared” (By pressing C button).
    3. On validation of return, and if it is successful and if matching with Challan file has failed, FVU will generate a Warning file of issues.
      1. On clicking of SHOW REPORT button, such report will open.
      2. User can still file the FVU generated, where warnings are shown.
      3. User can verify the warning file and modify the data and then make proper return.

3. Relyon’s Unique Challan Verification facility
Individual Challan Verification First time in the country, Relyon Saral TDS will verify the CIN (Date, No and BSR Code) given for respective Challan with OLTAS data of NSDL, on a click of the button.

If the CIN information entered is valid for a given Challan, then software displays the corresponding validation information from OLTAS data (Section, Received date, etc)

In brief:

  1. This facility verifies the Bank Code, Date and Challan Serial Number to be present in OLTAS Challan List of NSDL website.
  2. This does not check for the amount of Challan matching. Please ensure, you check with “Challan File” during return preparation for having proper amount of Challan.
  3. OLTAS Challan data used is referred through, just for verification purpose and Relyon does not own or have authority over OLTAS data. Please check with NSDL website in case of any doubts.

OLTAS Challan List
It was lack of awareness or a tough task among deductors to view their Challan details with OLTAS data. Verifying all Challan details at NSDL website will ensure proper return and avoid 90% of correction statement cases.

To ease the viewing of such challans, Now Saral TDS comes with an option in “Menu -> Tools -> Tax Related -> OLTAS Challan List” to open a screen, which shows all corresponding Challan of the TAN in a simple grid.


  1. BSR code of Challan is also shown along with challan list!!
  2. Once the “Get challans” is done, the data will be saved in the software and can be referred anytime, irrespective of internet. User can also do “Get Challans” at convenience of Internet.
  3. Filter option has been provided to the data to easily locate a Challan, in case of huge data.
  4. Data (Full or Filtered) can be exported to Excel for print or further usage.

Details of Version 9.52 is available here>>

Copyright: Relyon Softech Ltd
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