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Saral TDS | Version 9.55

Relyon has released Version 9.55 of Saral TDS on 20th November 2009. The detailed list of release notes are available below.

Release Notes of Version 9.55 | Saral TDS:

Proxy connection in Online services accessing:

  1. Saral TDS includes several online services, which communicate from desktop to Internet. This includes Checking of PAN, Verification of Challan, OLTAS Challan List, Challan Input file for FVU, etc
  2. These services were supported, only if Direct internet connection was available to the system. It was clearly claimed that, these services may not work in Proxy Internet connections.
  3. But, there were a few requests from users, towards using in Proxy internet connection, mainly for challan file download and other services.
  4. Encouraging the views, high-quality technological upgrade has been achieved in this version.
  5. The aforesaid services are now possible with a system connecting to internet using PROXY also.
    1. No additional configurations needed, either in Saral TDS or Proxy for this purpose!!

Opening Existing Files:

  1. The provision of "Open Company" is introduced in FILE menu. This is a change in caption for earlier “Open Existing” option. This will give easy understanding and navigation between files. 
  2. The feature remains the same as of earlier "Open Existing" Option.

Covering Letter to TIN FCs:

  1. Several customers have practice of sending a covering letter to TIN FC, during return filing (along with FVU return CD).
  2. This process may require a pre-defined covering letter format. For the same, “Covering Letter [eReturn Filing]” provision is updated in Summary Menu.
  3. This is a change in caption for earlier “Covering Letter” option in Summary menu, This will give easy understanding and usage. 

Update in form names:

  1. In case of Non-corporate reports (Paper Returns), the forms were named as 24, 26, 27, etc instead of 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, etc.
  2. This has been updated for the purpose of systematic understanding.

Deductor Master Screen:

  1. Several customers raised the query on change in deductor master screen for last version. This was made to fit in "Additional Fields" for Deductor Master (Deductor Category)
  2. Now, with improved field presence, Deductor Master Screen has been changed back to earlier layout (as in 9.53 and earlier). 
  3. Additional Deductor Details can be accessible by clicking the “Show” button. Click on "Hide" to close it.
  4. This will make users to easily continue using the deductor screen.

Deductor Code in case of Government:

  1. In case of government deductors, it is mandatory to give DDO and PAO codes. But many government deductors faced problem in finding their DDO and/or PAO codes.
  2. For this, NSDL issued clarification stating 'For unavailability of DDO code, mention value “DDOCDNOTAVBL” in DDO code field. And for unavailability of PAO code, mention value “PAOCDNOTAVBL” in PAO code field'.
  3. For this purpose, In Deductor Master, If PAO and/or DDO Codes are not mentioned then PAOCDNOTAVBL and DDOCDNOTAVBL text will be placed automatically.

Renumbering of deduction records:

  1. The provision of renumbering deduction records was earlier removed, in the view of "Compliance Forms introduction." But as there is a delay in their introduction, the provision is re-introduced.
  2. Renumbering of Deduction and Challan records now possible with a data file of Financial Year 2009-10.
  3. Provision is available in Master Menu -> Option Settings

TDS Rates after Oct-2009:

  1. TDS rates are changed with effect from 01st October 2009.
  2. Now, Saral TDS is also updated with these rates.
  3. In Rate Definition screen, options for defining rates “Before Oct/2009” and “From Oct/2009” are provided. 
    1. If “Before Oct/2009” is selected, then rates applicable from 1st April 2009 to 30th Sept 2009 will be available.
    2. If “From Oct/2009” is selected, then rates applicable from 1st Oct 2009 will be available.

Deduction Register with PAN:

  1. The requirements were raised by several customers for providing Deductee PAN in deduction register report.
  2. In the view of the same, In MIS Reports -> Deduction Register, PAN of the Employee/Deductee is displayed along with the name.

Notes for Verify PAN:

  1. On the view to avoid misuse of this feature, and technical limitations, disclaimer notes have been added in “Verify PAN” screen.
  2. Respective technological upgrades have been accomplished.

Bug Fixes:

  1. All the bugs reported by customers / identified by our internal team have been fixed, with respect to Version 9.54.

Details of Version 9.54 is available here>>

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