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Submitting a correct statement [Regular Return]


What the law says?

  1. Section 206 [Annual returns]:

This section deals with, the deductions made before 1st April 2005 and asks the deductor to file the Annual returns of TDS in Form 24, 26 and 27. However for the current FY, this is not applicable.

  1. Rule 31A [Quarterly Statements]:

This Rule deals with termination of Section 206 and incorporation of “Quarterly Statements of TDS/TCS” from FY 2005-06.

Type of submission

  1. E-Filing:
    1. Mandatory: [refer Rule 31A]
      1. From FY 2003-04, it is mandatory to all corporate deductors to file the TDS return electronically.
      2. From 30-6-2005, e-filing is mandatory to Government deductors also.
      3. From 01-09-2007, e-filing has been extended to
        1. All deductors who are liable for audit under section 44AB of Income Tax Act {Tax Audit} in the immediate preceding FY.
        2. All the deductors whose deduction records in a quarterly statement for any quarter of the immediately preceding financial year is equal to or more than fifty.
    1. Types: There are 2 Provisions for submitting a TDS return under this method
      1. Electronic [TIN FC]: In this procedure,
        1. Deductor should prepare the return in the FVU format and file it at the TIN FC in a CD/Floppy.
        2. Deductor should also enclose a declaration letter in Form 27A.
        3. Deductor should pay the submission charges to TIN FC, depending on the deduction records, as Rs. 25, Rs 150, Rs 500 for upto 100, upto 1000 and above 1000 deduction entries, respectively. Additional service taxes applicable.
      2. Digital [online]: In this process,
        1. Deductor should prepare the FVU file and upload online to, with his respective login.
        2. Deductor should also have obtained a Digital Signature.
        3. As a prerequisite, deductor should have got registered with NSDL, with nominal registration charges.
        4. While registration, deductor should deposit the minimum advance of Rs. 1000/- and subsequently make the payments, minimum of 500/-.
        5. The advance amount will be adjusted with each return upload as “Metering Upload charges”.
        6. Metering upload charges will be same as that charged by TIN FC.
        7. This facility can be used extensively by banks and organization having multiple branches with different TAN. All the branches can upload the return under single login. [Note: the Branch TANs should be registered with NSDL prior, for the same account]
  1. Paper Filing:
    1. This provision is available for the deductors not falling under e-filing compulsion.
    2. The returns can be printed on paper in the format specified and submitted to TIN FC.
    3. The charges are applicable as for e-filing.

Return not accepted by TIN FC:
If any return is not accepted by TIN FC, deductor should collect the “non Acceptance memo” in paper, duly signed by TIN FC. This should be taken for rechecking the regular return file.

Form 27A:
This is the declaration being provided by the deductor for filing of “electronic TDS return”. This is also applicable for TCS returns filed for FY 2005-06 or later. Form 27A should be in paper Format manually signed by responsible person for the Deductor. [Refer Rule 31A]

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